Welcome to the first episode of Off the Shelf – the exciting new podcast that gives me an excuse to look around other people’s bookshelves!

This week my guest is Molly Hills of the Left on Read Bookclub! Imagine a 27 year old white woman from Surrey. Her waist size, chest size, foot size and IQ are bang on exact national average. Her hair is the exact colour of a brown that you would find when you google the word brown. And she likes all the things she would be expected to like. animals, books, food and the simpsons. She is entirely unremarkable in every single way except for one thing. She is the only human to have ever successfully managed to unsubscribe from Indeed Alerts. That person is Molly Hills. Molly Hills is nearly 28 and her hobby is pubs and buffets!

You can sign up to her book newsletter here!

The book she choose were:

1. The ballad of Lucy Whipple – Karen Cushman

2. Polo – Jilly Cooper

3. Maya Angelou’s poetry

4. Brother of a More Famous Jack – Barbara Trapido

5. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

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